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IKRA is a school of innovations and creative thinking. We are changing the attitude of businesses towards innovations, as well as popularizing creative thinking methods.

IKRA is a super-united team at the forefront of innovative creative and methodological knowledge.

For over 10 years we have

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Help develop innovative products Develop business and creative processes Engage in methodological development of creative and business processes Research into soft skills, creative and team-building methods Develop and hold business games Teach strategic disciplines, creative thinking and soft skills Create any forms of innovative environment

The focus of our methodological research


We work with national and multinational companies and have carried out educational programs successfully for 53 clients.

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What an innovative environment can give your company

An innovative environment has a positive effect on both business performance and the world around. We distinguish two types of influence: business impact (economic effect) and social impact (significance for society as a whole).

How to estimate IKRA’s impact on your business

For example, of having your own in-house team. We draw up two business models and consider the benefits of creating your own creative and innovative team. The key indicator is the amount of money saved during the period of transition from outsourcing to in-house (two years in the example below). We take into account business’ particularity in our calculations, such as average market salaries of specialists.

Total expenses
10 000 000 $
Work with outsourcing companies
4 500 000 $
Implementing an in-house team
Total expenses
5 500 000 $

Having your own team is not only about saving on outsourcing, but also about increasing your own assets: developing your own services, teaching materials, community projects that the company can monetize on its own. With outsourcing this effect is difficult to envision.

How to estimate social impact on your business

The goal-setting system for employees combines their personal goals and the goals of the company. This leads to increased loyalty and boosts the employer's brand value. We find out what is valuable to people by exploring different forms of capital. It allows us to make the work of your employees more efficient and reduce the number of conflicts in the team.

The OKR system
Objectives & Key Results
Helps to act transparently, improving business performance.
Helps to motivate people to achieve small everyday goals

An innovation environment gives way to socially significant projects: when the activity of the innovator is aimed at positive changes in the world around him, his level of motivation increases sharply.

Many projects become more impactful and significant in an innovative environment, which allows the company to create new breakthrough products and generate more profit.

We design and carry out practical sessions helping businesses to foster innovation, work as a team, critically evaluate ideas, as well as find solutions to work-related problems.

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Our Partners

German Kuhtenkov

Brought to Russia the OFFF international design and digital art festival. Partner of technology consulting 2Nova.

Sergei Solonin

Investor of educational and fintech projects, on the Forbes list of Russia’s Richest Businessmen.

Vitaly Bykov

CEO and ideological inspirer of the first in Russia festival of creative industries G8. Co-founder of IKRA and CEO of creative agency REDKEDS.

Vasily Lebedev

Founder and CEO of IKRA. Author of the creative methodology CRAFT. He was a multiple winner of the FWA, Golden Drum and a representative from Russia in Cannes.

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